Tim McDiarmid - Eat Good Kind | Fast healthy delivery option to San Antonio
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Our Concept

The Good Kind, led by Tim McDiarmid of Tim the Girl culinary company, specializes fresh, comfort food. Our menu includes grab-and-go and dine-in lunch, dinner and snack items. Food served at The Good Kind is made with responsibly grown ingredients that reflect the season’s freshest bounty. The Good Kind builds on Tim the Girl’s vision of providing the San Antonio community with food that is clean, nourishing, sustainable and delicious. It’s The Good Kind of food you can enjoy daily.

Our Approach

Menu items for all of The Good Kind’s services are locally sourced whenever possible and responsibly grown. The Good Kind’s focus is on delicious food that highlights ingredients based on the seasons and is good for the body. With options for dining-in, taking-out and delivery, The Good Kind wishes to make eating simple and enjoyable.

Our Place

Located in Historic Pearl’s Food Hall, The Bottling Department, The Good Kind offers a new concept to San Antonio while also showcasing an environment that reflects its food: clean, balanced, familiar and straightforward. When on the go, grab a meal packaged in our Eco-Friendly packaging to enjoy later, or dine-in, taking a seat inside the Food Hall or outside on Pearl Lawn.

Tim McDiarmid
tim mcdiarmid

In the hands of Tim McDiarmid, even the most rustic vegetables transform into alluring, delicious and sexy creations. This world traveler is Canadian by birth and San Antonian by choice. She produces culinary and artistic creations that fit perfectly with any type of event or business. A seemingly simple dish she created for a coffee shop, avocado toast, combines a buttery lushness with a crisp heartiness. She ties them together with a touch of cumin, sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil. In less than a year, that dish turned into an obsession for much of San Antonio.

Fresh produce provides the base and inspiration for her range of culinary creations, which include influences from Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Morocco, as well as Portugal and Mexico. Her skill in evoking complex taste sensations from only a few ingredients began in Western Canada. It evolved through her travels in markets around the world and during nearly two decades in Brooklyn, New York.

She grew up in what she called a “small hippie and farming community” north of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her mother cultivated an organic garden for the family and bought meats and dairy products from neighboring farms. For McDiarmid, terms such as fresh, local and sustainable were a way of life. At 18, her first culinary job was cooking for 50 hungry men and two women in a very remote bush camp. With only a camp fire, she cooked 3 meals a day from scratch. 

For 17 years, McDiarmid lived in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn as it developed into the world’s epicenter for creative artisan food. She worked at several restaurants in New York including The Odeon in TriBeCa, Lucien, Diner, Annisa, Kiosk and others. Here she honed her culinary skills and her sense of design.

Looking for a slower pace, she came to San Antonio in 2007. She soon created her company, Tim the Girl, which combines bespoke catering, event planning, meal delivery, cooking classes and consulting. Through Tim the Girl, she has embraced the wide availability of Latin American ingredients and incorporated elements of healthful eating.

In 2016, McDiarmid launched The Good Kind, a modern market and cafe. It builds on Tim the Girl’s vision of providing a broader base of the San Antonio community with food that is clean, nourishing, sustainable and delicious. As The Good Kind brand continues growing and expanding, McDiarmid finds her future as wide open as those Canadian skies of her youth.