Meal Delivery | The Good Kind Offers Fresh Organic Meals
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Clean Eating is as easy as opening your fridge.

Meal Delivery

Let US Feed You!

  • Chef prepared meals mean no prep, cooking or clean up!
  • Delivered fresh to your door twice a week.
  • Ready to heat and eat meals delivered in eco-friendly packaging.
  • We cater to you: vegetarian, gluten free or extra protein. Our meals are made with your lifestyle in mind.
  • Our meals focus on restoring a healthy metabolism, soothing digestive issues and balancing your immune system.
  • Give your body and mind a nutritional reset: shift your body’s cravings and the emotional relationship you have with food.
  • Only the best ingredients will do: non-GMO, dairy free and no refined sugar.

Sample Menus

The Good Kind Philosophy

Our priority is your health, wellness and happiness and we believe eating well should taste good.

Our menus are fun, fresh and delicious, we use the best local, organic, non-GMO ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition.

Food can change your life. Our tasty weekly menus curated by Tim Mcdiarmid will change the way you think about food; your tastes, unhealthy cravings and habits.

The Good Kind of Side Effects:

  • Increase energy
  • Weight loss
  • Improve skin health
  • Heal your digestive tract
  • Balanced immune system
  • Decrease bloat
  • Better sleep
  • Healthy metabolism